Order Management Notification Service

The Order Management Notification Service provides support for notifications, to be sent from the Flipkart system to the seller system, for any event in a shipment lifecycle, such as shipment creation, label creation, shipment cancellation, and so on. You can use this feature to improve the performance of your application by eliminating additional network and computation costs in polling resources to determine if they have changed.

Format: JSON

Notification Description / Use Case
Shipment Created Sent when an order is placed
Hold Sent when an order item is flagged as “Hold”
UnHold Sent when an order item flagged as “Hold” is released for further processing
Packed Sent when an order item state is changed to “Packed”
Ready To Dispatch Sent when an order item is marked as “Ready to Dispatch”
Pickup Complete Sent when the shipment is picked up by the logistics team
Shipped Sent when an order item is shipped
Delivered Sent when an order item is delivered
Dispatch Dates Changed Sent when the dispatch date is changed
Shipment Cancelled Sent when an approved order is cancelled
Shipment Form Failed Sent when a form generation fails
Return Created Sent when a new return request is created
Return Completed Sent when a return is completed
Return Cancelled Sent when a return request is revoked
Return Expected Date Changed Sent when the expected date of return of an orderItem changes
Return Tracking Id Update Sent when an when tracking details for a customer return is updated

Subscribing to Notifications

To use notifications:

Write to seller-api-queries@flipkart.com to subscribe to the notifications. Please provide the following details:

  • Seller id / Seller registered email address
  • Notification receiver URL
  • VAPT certificate for the URL
  • If return notifications are needed (Yes / NO)
  • If Yes then Notification receiver URL for return notification( This could be same as order notification URL)
  • If return notification URL is different then provide VAPT certificate for the URL
  • Location ids for which you wants to listen order and return notifications


Even if you are a 3rd party aggregator you need to provide seller id / seller registered email address for which you will consume the events.

The proposed event structure for these notifications contain the following parameters:

Parameter Name Description
eventType The notification type. Possible values: shipment_created, shipment_packed, shipment_ready_to_dispatch, shipment_shipped, shipment_delivered, and so on
source Point of origin of the notification - “flipkart”
timestamp ISO time string
attributes Custom parameters for the event

Notifications Authentication

All Flipkart Notifications are RESTful notifications that send event payloads to the seller system endpoint.

Sellers authenticate to Flipkart API using OAuth credentials (Application ID and Application Secret). Those who wish to listen to notifications must register their notification endpoints with Flipkart. Sellers need a mechanism to validate whether the request originated from Flipkart and not by untrusted sources. Flipkart REST APIs authenticate to seller notification endpoints using a signature-based authentication by using Authorization headers.

Every notification includes headers in the following format:

X_Date : <date_timestamp>
X_Authorization : FKLOGIN  Base64 (OAuth-appid : <fk_signature>)


  • date_timestamp is the timestamp at which the notification is generated and is in “HTTP-Date” format.

  • fk_signature is generated per request using SHA1 based message digest algorithm with values derived from request as:

    SHA-1 (date_timestamp + notification_http_url + notification_http_method + OAuth-secret)

REST endpoints that receive these notifications need to authenticate the request by regenerating the Signature (fk_signature) using the logic above and verifying it with the Authorization (X_Authorization) header. Consider the following example.

Authentication Sample

Seller: PilotSeller

OAuth Appication ID: 6113ca4a-fe05-11e4-a322-1697f925ec7b

OAuth Application Secret: 669a57f4-fe05-11e4-a322-1697f925ec7b

Notification URL: http://seller.api.pilotseller.com/notify/fki POST

Timestamp: 1432026135


SHA1(1432026135http://seller.api.pilotseller.com/notify/fkiPOST669a57f4-fe05-11e4-a322-1697f925ec7b) 83762abd87b41e66ddd58320a4e803251e72b776

Authorization Information:



X_Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 09:02:15 GMT



Notifications Response

For a notification, the seller application needs to respond with a standard HTTP success status 200, or should throw an error response in the following scenarios only:

  • When the seller system is down
  • If the payload is incorrect

The notification system ensures that the message is sent at least once, but not only once. Hence, it is recommended to add an idempotency check in the client to avoid processing of duplicate notifications.