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P. Maheshkumar: Success Story of Wyatt in 1 minute

I come from a small town called Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu. It's a town of many cultures and, more importantly, it's considered as one of the most well-known textile hubs of the country. So, it was natural for me to get into the garment business.

However, I always wondered, ‘How can I do things differently in this day and age?’ The answer, quite obviously, was online selling. Flipkart Seller Hub was really prominent at that time, a trusted name in the business. So I chose to start selling on Flipkart in 2013 with a mere 2000 rupees in my pocket.

Initially, business was slightly slow as we were still figuring out how online selling worked. In the meantime, the team at Flipkart Seller Hub was incredibly supportive. They helped us through the process quite proactively. Slowly and steadily, with their constant support, the business grew to become a 2-crore entity. Since then, we’ve never looked back, and online sales numbers have kept us incredibly motivated to make this business larger than life.

Sometime last year, the consequences of GST and demonetization took over every business in the market and our industry. Even then Flipkart Seller Hub helped us get the business back on track really quickly and smoothly.

Overall, it has been a great experience with Flipkart. One day, we aim to sell at least 5000 products a day and I'm sure Flipkart Seller Hub will help us achieve this goal too.