See how thousands of sellers made their fortunes through Flipkart.

Naquash Kajani: Success Story of Bourne Collections in 1 minute

When we started out with Flipkart Sellers, we used to get only 10 orders a day. Today, we get

a little over 700 orders a day and are still growing. It has taken a lot of hard work to make this

business so large. The growth of every business is based on numbers and Flipkart gives you the numbers that keep you inspired to push your boundaries.

With Flipkart, we have won several awards over the last three years. We went from being a part

of the top 100 sellers on the Flipkart platform to bagging the title of the Top Zonal Seller.

We’ve set a new goal for each year and made steady progress to achieve it. Flipkart gives your dreams the wings to fly and helps you scale greater heights every day.

Soon, we realized we had the numbers and sales, but not the space we needed to expand our

business. So we opted for Flipkart Fulfilment and it has been one of the best decisions we have

made so far. It’s a fantastic service - right from inventory management to delivery processes to

the recall center. It helps boost your online rating, makes the delivery period considerably

shorter, gives you enough warehouse space and plenty of time on your hands. This helped us

grow the business infinitely by giving us the time to concentrate on business analytics and

structure. Brand expansion, client acquisition and growing the product range are now my

focuses while they handle operations.

Overall, it’s been a phenomenal journey with Flipkart. We have faith in the brand, because we

grow as they grow and they’re making progress like there’s no tomorrow. Together we will

make it to the top

- Naquash Kajani Owner/CEO at BourneCollections