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Madhumita Chawla'- Our Women's Day Inspiration

Madhumita Chawla's journey to entrepreneurship.

There are stories that evoke emotions and then there are stories that inspire. One such story is that of Madhumita Chawla. A journey that began with a dream, a dream she strongly believed in; a dream of having her very own business of fashion jewellery and accessories on an online platform.

How it all started

Coming from an IT background, Madhu decided to take the risk of leaving her steady paying job to pursue a dream of establishing her own business. After thorough research, she started sourcing jewellery from different parts of India, China and Indonesia, beginning her journey full of endless possibilities. However, her dream wouldn’t have been possible without the opportunities offered to her by Flipkart.


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An entrepreneur of modern day

Ideally women in India are taught to be home makers and no one really supports the idea of a woman being an entrepreneur. It wasn’t an easy journey, reminisces Madhu as she talks to us about her growth. Her husband was her pillar of strength at the time when she needed his moral support the most, making her more determined to achieve her goals. A family oriented woman like Madhu, didn’t have to compromise on her relationship with her daughter and her husband in order to succeed in the field of business. She wants to inculcate her values in her daughter and wants her to be a self made and independent woman, by providing her education and supporting her in whichever path she decides to pursue.


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Women empowerment, the Flipkart way

Flipkart believes that women empowerment is a step to Modern India and tries to uplift women in any way they can. A large part of her revenue comes via Flipkart, in spite of there being a portal of her own. She gives Flipkart credit for giving her exposure to a large customer base, which led to a wide recognition for her business. With 45 - 46% of market share and strategic marketing efforts, Flipkart helped her business flourish. While she focuses on bulk orders, Flipkart keeps tracks of consumer interests and demands, helping the business stay at par with the ever changing trends of the market, which minimizes her work. She has to only cater to the offerings, pricing and how she can ameliorate the quality of the products. Flipkart has been the facilitator for her at all levels.

She is thankful to Flipkart for strategic insights like trends, designs, and packaging inputs on a regular basis. With newer ideas for business growth and sustenance, she wants to establish her business on a stronger market ground.


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Determination inspires

She believes that all women are strong and that they just need to believe in themselves. Although the number of women sellers online is quite low, things are slowly changing and it is the women of today, like Madhu, who can really make a difference. Her message to all the women is that obstacles are part of the journey to success but with sheer determination and perseverance, there is nothing that one can’t attain.


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Flipkart presented her with the golden award for her outstanding performance in the Sterling Seller Challenge. We wish her luck for her future plans of a flourishing apparels business, and continue to support her.

This Women’s Day, we encourage women to take a step towards their dream and salute the ones who have broken the stereotypes and excelled in entrepreneurship.