See how thousands of sellers made their fortunes through Flipkart.

Kabir Vaid: What it takes to be a top seller on Flipkart


“We never wanted to be just another brand. We wanted to give people a great brand experience that makes them come back to us”

With over 26 years of experience in sales and marketing, founder of mobile accessories brand Ncase, Kabir Vaid is a perfect example for the saying “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. “His brand has been running successfully for 4 years now with a team of 57 people and over 9 offices across India.

A platinum seller on Flipkart with the least number of product returns, Mr. Vaid shares with us his story and the road he has travelled to arrive at the place he is. And of course, we managed to get some valuable insights on the importance of long term business goals and customer satisfaction as well which would help not only young prospective sellers but also established businessmen.

Beside every man is a successful woman

His wife played an important role in motivating him. She was a constant pillar of strength and support throughout his career. She not only supports him in his goals, but is also part of the business and trains the Ncase team.

“We met through a common friend in a movie called ‘Yes Boss’ in Jaipur. When I first met her, the first thing she asked me was - What do you want to achieve in life? And can you be successful?”

Kabir credits his wife for her managing skills and the courage and strength he has built along these years in business.  “My wife manages the Ncase team and I think she manages the most difficult man in the world pretty well. It’s her faith and conviction that has made what I have achieved today”

A match that shared their goals to become successful as individuals and as a pair, Kabir and his wife share a great bond and work together as a team to achieve their goals.

His Inspiration

“Honesty is what I have inherited from my father”

Honesty is what I have inherited from my father. I was told to be honest to society and I’m proud of that. My father was a sales manager in Hindustan Uniliver and he was truly a great inspiration that made me what I am today.



Kabir’ s father had inspired him throughout his childhood days. He always encouraged him to beat the odds and climb the walls of success, no matter what. Having honesty rooted deep in him, he never compromised on work and ensured that he put in every effort he could in offering his best to the society; be it through his work or as a citizen.

The beginning

I thought, if I can do good business for others then why can’t I do it for myself, my family and friends? At that time Flipkart was the best platform amongst other brands in terms of seller policies that helped new sellers establish their business.

As online shopping became more of a habit than a trend, this was a great opportunity for many aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business for a larger customer base. It was an opportunity, Kabir wasn’t going to let pass.

It wasn’t always easy for Kabir though. Anyone who has left a steady paying job to start a new business on their own knows that the first few years will be difficult. They will test your resolve and determination. Kabir too faced his fair share of hurdles. Luck though, always favours the brave and Kabir was certainly that amongst many other things needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

When I decided to go after my dreams, I had invested all my savings in it and that was a very risky decision. The first 2 years were difficult as there were minimum funds. Once, my son Aditya had to go on a school trip and I had no money. My parents were away with my younger brother. I was very upset as I didn’t want his heart broken over not being able to go to the trip with his friends. Luckily, I received a refund from the income tax department and I paid for his school trip.

Ups & Downs of a business

Every step of the way, Kabir had a strong will to learn by the second, to build a long term sustainable business and most importantly to be patient. He learnt a lot from the highs and lows of a new platform that gave business a new perspective.

The ups and downs are all part of the learning curve for us as well as Flipkart.  This has really helped us in having a better understanding of customers and the online marketplace and moreover, in making me a better businessman

At the initial stage of setting up his business, Kabir embraced all the ups and downs that came along slowly inching towards building his empire. “Starting with only a product per day, we now have up to 40,000 shipments in a month.

With sheer will power to not lose hope, he countered every obstacle strategically and to that he had some motivational words for us. “Always carry change and hope with you. If you change according to circumstances then you can always hope to succeed”.

“Every successful brand in this world has one thing in common – Great customer satisfaction. And we believe this is what makes our brand experience stand out from the rest”

His experience with brands like Kellogg’s and Reliance had a significant impact on his approach to dealing with customers and business. “During my tenure with Gillette, Pepsi , Reliance and Kellog’s, one of the many things I learnt was that if you give the right proposition to the consumer at the right price, they are always  going to come back and build a relationship with your brand.” This is an essential factor that gave his brand the success it sees today.

Kabir suggests what every seller should keep in mind while starting a business on Flipkart - “Focus on long terms business goals over short term goals. They only result in short term success. Never compromise on service.  Customers are the heart and soul of your brand and the service you provide decides whether they will come back to you or go elsewhere.

The future

Kabir is all set to take his brand to a whole new level with Flipkart as he believes that once you have the know-how and understand the do’s and don’ts of online retail, there is nothing that can stop any seller from being successful. This reflects through the new office Ncase has opened up in South India and their future goals to reach 1lac shipments a month.

“Life is like a game of ‘Snake and Ladder.’ Sometimes, you go up very fast because you get a ladder to climb and sometimes a snake bites and you fall. But in the end, it’s important to get up and go step by step to reach the goal in spite of all obstacles.” – ‘Step by step’ is Kabir’ s mantra towards achieving his future goals.

And lastly he tells us “When I think of the future I remember the famous song Ruk jana nahin tu kahin haar ke, kanton pe chalke milenge saaye bahar ke. I believe the future of ecommerce is going to be good and Flipkart will always remain the market leaders as long as we work together towards customer satisfaction.