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I love challenges; I like to get things done


Sonu Mulchandani, founder of the antique and décor store “E-studio” embodies the perfect entrepreneur. She has the passion to turn her interests into business, the vision to identify opportunity, the ambition to succeed and most importantly the gumption to keep at it and make things happen!

The Inception

A passion to travel and explore the world led her to experience several cultures and art forms. She had tried her hand at fashion but soon realized that it was not the profession for her. “What I retained from my fashion designing days was my fascination for colors, combinations and sequences.”  Her worldly experiences and fashion sensibilities took a turn for the better in form of Art.

Trial and error

Her first shot at entrepreneurship witnessed several challenges. She invested in various franchises which didn’t turn out to be profitable.

She had met many artists on her travels. Having created a network of likeminded people, she began a whole new journey. “I wanted to start something on my own and have art at the core of my business”


The beginning of E- studio

“I began importing antiques and art from all over the world.  Business was definitely slow paced when I started off. But this time I was sure it was going to work. This was exactly what I wanted to do with my life”

Sonu was most influenced by art from Iran and Germany.  Her fascination for German Coo clocks is obvious as you enter her store. “We had even contacted a couple of Iranian families to import ancient chandeliers.” Once she had set up, there was no turning back. Soon she was not only importing but also manufacturing her own artistic decors, clocks and sculptures.


The first step into E- commerce

Initially, Sonu was not sure about selling online. “I was skeptical about selling online as it could not deliver an experience that my store does. A visit to my store is not just shopping, but a mesmerizing experience where my buyers spend hours staring at the antiques and décor.”

But when push came to shove and ecommerce was the talk of the town, Sonu had no choice but to join the e-commerce parade.


“I’m a go getter. I do what I want to do”. 



“I did face hurdles during the first few months. But I took it up as a challenge and figured the whole gamut of ecommerce.” Every step into the digital era, Sonu had just one motive that kept her going – to get things done.

“Today all my sales happen online even with just 30% effort. If I spend more of my time online, I’m sure I can make 3 times the sales I have now”.

Everything she does, she does with heart and soul. “The moment you look within and realize what you really want, is when you get clarity. E- Studio is not just my business. It’s the dream and I’m living it”

On asking about her business mantra, she simply says:

“Go online, man! That’s the future.”