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Catalogs That Win: How to Create Them

A catalog comprises essential details about a product to be sold on an e-marketplace. This includes product features such as brand, price, colour, and size. It also includes images of the product and any other additional product information.

So, why is a catalog so important for the e-commerce industry? The reason is that online shoppers can’t see and feel the products they are about to purchase. By creating a catalog that’s information-rich, sellers will be able to build interest in the products and convert potential customers into loyal customers. Here are some important things to keep in mind while creating a catalog.

Title: The title of the product must be entered correctly. It is advisable to have titles that include SEO keywords so that your product gets displayed at the top of the list when customers search for that particular product online.

Feature: It is very important to include all the features of the product in the catalog. Customers will want to know all the specifications of the product. For example, if they are looking for a mobile phone, the product features will help customers compare different models and make a decision. If you miss out on some features, you stand a chance of losing a sale.

Description: A well-written description adds value to your product. That is why you must ensure that it is written in simple language and has the details that are relevant to the product. Mention the main benefit of the product in the description and do not add any misleading information.

Images: Online customers cannot physically see the product. Therefore, images are a major factor influencing the purchase. Make sure that the images are visually appealing. For this, images should be of high resolution and crystal clear. Include images of the product in various angles. You can also use professional services for the same if required.

Additional information: It would be beneficial to add any additional information regarding your product like how to handle the product, product care instructions, etc. as well.

So, go ahead and build your brand image through effective cataloging.