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Catalog Your Way to Success

E-commerce portals are the big success stories with consumers looking for products to be shopped in the comfort of their homes and delivered at their doorstep. They have provided a booming platform for small and medium business owners to reach to a huge consumer base. On Flipkart alone, you get a chance to display your products to over 4.5 crore potential customers. The basic steps for selling online are the same everywhere and you stand a chance to reap huge profits. But your big step to success is creating an impressive product catalog.

Your online product catalog is what customers will identify your brand with. So make sure it is a catchy one. The right design will successfully build your brand presence as well as expand your brand loyalties. Utility is the keyword and make sure your customers find what they are looking for and not irrelevant design elements. We provide you here with some of the tips and tricks of the trade of online cataloging:

Plan to Perfection

Pen and paper or Excel Sheets – make sure you plan your catalog in rough but in detail. There are few things you must keep track of for your official uses, so we recommend keeping an Excel sheet ready with information such a product name and number, product category and sub-category, price, photographs, and a description. Plan the design, the categories and sub-categories, and situating your products. Consult a SEO expert, if necessary, and list out keywords. Place your products in a way that customers get what they search for at the first go. Also ensure you use keywords in order to generate traffic to your catalog. However, do not wait for an eternity to put together a seemingly complete catalog. Going live with a small but detailed and impressive catalog will give you adequate sales traffic to begin with.

Strategize Your Content

Your content must be a stunner. Crisp, comprehensible content is your best bet at attracting and retaining customers. Whatever you do, do not borrow content from other catalogs or websites. Your content must be unique, clear, and without any grammatical errors. Optimise your categories and product names according to contemporary keyword trends so that your product pops up as the first thing on a search engine. Use detailed product descriptions, outlining various aspects of it, the different uses you can put it to, why the customer should buy it and its various benefits. Put keyword targeted filters and, product and category descriptions. Use brochures, product specifications and user manuals wherever possible. This makes it easier for your potential customers to make a decision and preferably, to buy your products.

Get the Look Right

The next step is to getting the look and feel of your catalog bang on. Design is very important and bad visual elements can absolutely kill your brand. Use suitable background and highlighting colours, definitely something that highlights without hurting the eye. Colour code your product pages if necessary, the right ones make for great user interface. Use professional and clear product photographs. Use a DSLR camera to shoot your products or hire a professional product photographer, if possible. Provide each product with 2-3 images to make them comprehensible. Your catalog stands as the window to a clear picture of your brand.

Selling Through the Features

Cross-selling and up-selling features go a long way in increasing your sales. Along with the product a consumer might be viewing at a time, putting across suggestions to buy similar or alterative products is a great idea. Some familiar such features are Popular Products, Related Products, What Others Are Looking At, What Others Have Purchased, and so on. Up-selling and cross-selling features links up all your products and provide bird’s eye view of some of the products your brand has to offer.

Your business is your life and you must do all it takes to keep it running successfully. Going online with e-commerce websites is your next step to building your brand. Joining Flipkart’s huge network of retailers and sellers gives the opportunity to grow tremendously as well as learn the nitty-gritty of the market. And it is as a piece of cake. Register your business, create your online catalog, sell to a huge base of potential consumers, and reap huge profits!