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Boost your business: Success stories from sellers of India

From young entrepreneurs who’ve tasted success at 18 years of age, businesswomen who’ve achieved their dreams against all odds and couples who work together to family businesses retailing on Flipkart, here’s a cross-section of sellers with stories that are sure to inspire!

Flipkart, a home for every seller

No matter your geographic location or age, Flipkart makes doing business easy. Take Ritu Kaushik for example. Hailing from Haryana, she is the owner and founder of Ritupal Collections. Determined to achieve success on her own terms, this #GirlBoss single-handedly started her handbag business on Flipkart. Today, her monthly revenue crosses Rs.5 lakh and she is working towards taking her billing past the Rs.20 lakh mark.

From ____, and at just 18 years of age, Shubham, CEO/Owner of Mshop registered his highest sales ever with Flipkart. Retailing sports fitness goods and looking to get into apparel, this aspiring youngster sets an example for India’s young entrepreneurs by making the most of Flipkart’s online marketplace.

When it comes to growth, no story is as powerful as Saumya Gupta’s who started her brand Ten on Ten after realizing that her job at a call center was going nowhere. From a modest garage in Mumbai and just 30 garments, she has not only moved into a large office, but also offers more than 3,000 styles on Flipkart today. With sheer perseverance and Flipkart’s inputs, she has been able to attribute 70% of her total online sales to this online marketplace. Saumya’s next step is to turn her company into a Rs.120 crore brand.

Flipkart, where every relationship matters

For Flipkart building relationships with sellers is invaluable. This is done with timely advice on online sales strategy, help with packaging and even pricing. So, it’s no wonder that sellers like Ashish Gupta and Sumit Sahrai of FOMTI say that Flipkart’s feedback has improved the quality of their products, which in turn has increased their revenue. They have gone from selling 10 units to 3,000, enjoying a larger market presence and fewer returns.

Similarly, Mr and Mrs Mehra (Vishal and Ritika), partners in life as well as business, created their brand Stylox India despite the odds, as did Deepak Verma from MMTC PAMP, India’s only LBMA-accredited gold refinery. Ritika believes their relationship and business flourishes because they love what they do and credits Flipkart for making their success story one for the books. Deepak has a similar story to share. He found overwhelming support for his gold jewelry on Flipkart, and has been able to generate online business worth over Rs.3.2 crore by selling over 2,200 units.

Flipkart, where the family keeps growing!

With over 80 million products in its catalogue, Flipkart’s penetration in both rural and urban India is a product of its delivery and warehousing logistics. But, it is also a measure of how it has helped sellers grow, expand their business, add to their own catalogue and diversify.

Delhi-based Ishwander Khanna, CEO/owner of Anhad Impex, a mobile accessories company, has had an incredible journey with Flipkart, with sales rocketing from Rs.40 lakh to Rs.1 crore. So his children did the only thing there was to do—hop on board! Today, the trio helms a multitude of successful businesses on Flipkart. “Flipkart’s Seller Hub has supported my vision and made my success possible,” Ishwander says.

Bangalore-based Raju Lunawath, owner of AmazeStore, a healthcare product e-store, has a similar story to share. He started with 50 orders and today, his store has the highest gross merchandise volume. Multiplying sales is no joke, so Raju is letting you in on his secret. “As a seller, you have to believe in Flipkart”, he says. “They (Flipkart) will make sure that you grow”.

Echoing the same sentiment, Mohit Vashishat, Owner/CEO at VintoSports says that, “With Flipkart Seller Hub, I've gone from zero to hero.” Mohit’s story starts in 2012 with a side business of selling rackets online. When the going got tough and he needed to provide for his growing family, he received all the support he needed from Flipkart to expand his online business. Today, his brand is well-reputed and Mohit is proud owner of his own car and home, thanks to his success on Flipkart.

Ritu, the Mehras, Raju and Mohit are just a few faces that echo the sentiments of thousands of businessowners selling on Flipkart. The common thread that weaves their stories into a colorful flag of success is that they have been able to wield the resources and training available to them via the Flipkart Sellers Hub, and turn audacious dreams into reality.

Flipkart has helped over 1 lakh sellers in India increase their sales. You too can get started on your growth path now!