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Ashwani Bhansali: Success Story of Geocommerce in 1 minute

Being a part of the manufacturing industry put us out of direct touch with the consumer. This lead to us being unaware about consumer reactions.

But by being a part of the Flipkart family now, we have received help immensely in this respect.

With Flipkart,  we now stay updated about the latest trends and are aware about what works in the market. The customer reviews collected are also such that it helps you make constant progress and be a better brand every single day. The sales, the events all help us understand the market better and work towards what the consumers want in an efficient manner. Flipkart has helped our brand reach consumers pan-India. Distance is not a barrier anymore, I could reach out to anyone, anywhere in the country.

Once we got on to the Flipkart Fulfilment programme, we had the time to work on everything that we had hoped to. We could concentrate better on the quality of products, increase the number of products in our range and expand the business. The biggest advantage was that the delivery time for the consumers went from a week to under 48 hours. This helped us increase our rating and make more sales.

Overall, it's been a fantastic journey with Flipkart. We look forward to several more years of selling on Flipkart."